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HVLWELL-All stops11:302m late0 mins
HVLWELL-All stops12:00
HVLWELL-All stops12:30
HVLWELL-All stops13:00
HVLWELL-All stops13:30
HVLWELL-All stops14:00
HVLWELL-All stops14:30
HVLWELL-All stops15:00
HVLWELL-All stops15:30
HVLWELL-All stops16:00
HVLWELL-All stops16:30
HVLWELL-All stops17:00
HVLWELL-All stops17:30
HVLWELL-All stops18:00
HVLWELL-All stops18:30
HVLWELL-All stops19:00
WRLMAST-All stops19:29
HVLWELL-All stops19:30
HVLWELL-All stops20:00
HVLWELL-All stops21:00
HVLWELL-All stops22:00
HVLWELL-All stops23:00
HVLWELL-All stops00:01
HVLWELL-All stops06:00
HVLWELL-All stops07:00
HVLWELL-All stops08:00
HVLWELL-All stops08:30
HVLWELL-All stops09:00
HVLWELL-All stops09:30
HVLWELL-All stops10:00
WRLMAST-All stops10:29
HVLWELL-All stops10:30

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08:01 3 December 2021

Wellington Region at Orange. Metlink bus, train and harbour ferry running regular timetables.

If you’re unwell, please stay home. Ensure you wear a face covering, track your journey and please be kind.

Valid from 00:00, Friday 3 December to 23:59, Wednesday 16 March

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14:01 1 December 2021

Buses replace some daytime services for a rail union meeting - Wednesday 8 December.

Buses replace some daytime services on all lines on Wednesday 8 December from approximately 9am to 3pm. This is to allow staff to attend a rail union meeting. Please allow extra time for travel.

Valid from 00:00, Wednesday 8 December to 16:00, Wednesday 8 December

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15:14 23 November 2021

Solway Station: Buses replacing trains bus stop moved to Judds Road outside Breadcraft for services toward Masterton - from Thursday 28 October.

The previous stop on Hillcrest street is closed. No change for buses replacing trains towards Wellington.

Valid from 09:00, Thursday 28 October to 01:54, Friday 31 December

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11:52 10 November 2021

Christmas and New Year timetable is out now – with FREE travel for buses and trains on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve.

Visit for more information.

Valid from 00:00, Saturday 25 December to 23:59, Sunday 9 January

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23:03 27 October 2021

Buses replace all weekday daytime services - from Monday 13 September until further notice for upgrade works.

Peak services on Wairarapa Line will continue to run as normal. At Solway Station, bus stop moved to Judds Road outside Breadcraft for services toward Masterton.

Valid from 00:00, Monday 13 September to 23:59, Monday 20 December

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