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HVLWELL-All stops19:23On time4 mins
HVLUPPE-All stops19:27On time8 mins
HVLWELL-All stops19:53
HVLUPPE-All stops19:57
HVLWELL-All stops20:23
HVLUPPE-All stops20:27
HVLUPPE-All stops20:57
HVLWELL-All stops21:23
HVLUPPE-All stops21:27
HVLUPPE-All stops21:57
HVLWELL-All stops22:23
HVLUPPE-All stops22:27
HVLUPPE-All stops22:57
HVLWELL-All stops23:23
HVLUPPE-All stops23:27
HVLWELL-All stops00:23
HVLUPPE-All stops00:27
HVLUPPE-All stops01:27
HVLWELL-All stops05:23
HVLWELL-All stops06:23
HVLUPPE-All stops06:27
HVLWELL-All stops07:23
HVLUPPE-All stops07:27
HVLWELL-All stops07:53
HVLUPPE-All stops07:57
HVLWELL-All stops08:23
HVLUPPE-All stops08:27
HVLWELL-All stops08:53
HVLUPPE-All stops08:57
HVLWELL-All stops09:23
HVLUPPE-All stops09:27
HVLWELL-All stops09:53
HVLUPPE-All stops09:57
HVLWELL-All stops10:23
HVLUPPE-All stops10:27
HVLWELL-All stops10:53
HVLUPPE-All stops10:57
HVLWELL-All stops11:23
HVLUPPE-All stops11:27
HVLWELL-All stops11:53
HVLUPPE-All stops11:57
HVLWELL-All stops12:23
HVLUPPE-All stops12:27
HVLWELL-All stops12:53
HVLUPPE-All stops12:57
HVLWELL-All stops13:23
HVLUPPE-All stops13:27
HVLWELL-All stops13:53
HVLUPPE-All stops13:57
HVLWELL-All stops14:23
HVLUPPE-All stops14:27
HVLWELL-All stops14:53
HVLUPPE-All stops14:57
HVLWELL-All stops15:23
HVLUPPE-All stops15:27
HVLWELL-All stops15:53
HVLUPPE-All stops15:57
HVLWELL-All stops16:23
HVLUPPE-All stops16:27
HVLWELL-All stops16:53
HVLUPPE-All stops16:57
HVLWELL-All stops17:23
HVLUPPE-All stops17:27
HVLWELL-All stops17:53
HVLUPPE-All stops17:57

Relevant alerts for stop Epuni Station

21:15 19 January 2022

Online timetables for Monday 24 January are incorrect for all services. Sunday timetables will run on the Monday, since it is a public holiday.

Services that do not normally run on a Sunday will not be running on Wellington Anniversary Day, Monday 24 January. Click "more information" to see Sunday timetables as a PDF, or select a Sunday date on the online timetable.

Valid from 00:00, Monday 24 January to 23:59, Monday 24 January

More information

14:55 19 January 2022

Buses replace some daytime services – Monday 24 January

Please allow extra time for travel.

Valid from 05:00, Monday 24 January to 18:00, Monday 24 January

More information

14:55 19 January 2022

Buses replace all services – Saturday 22 to Sunday 23 January

Please allow extra time for travel.

Valid from 05:00, Saturday 22 January to 23:59, Sunday 23 January

More information

18:15 18 January 2022

Pomare Station: Platform & underpass closed during construction. Bus replacements stop near Park & ride - Saturday 22 to Monday 24 January.

Please note: With the underpass closed, walking access to the bus replacement stops from the Farmers Crescent entrance of the station is not direct (1.4km). There are no alternative level crossings, underpasses or overbridges near this station, and the subway must be closed for safety during construction.

Valid from 00:00, Saturday 22 January to 18:00, Monday 24 January

More information

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