Stop KHAN: Khandallah Station

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Last updated at 14:07:14, Monday January 17

JVLJOHN-All stops14:20
JVLWELL-All stops14:35
JVLJOHN-All stops14:50
JVLWELL-All stops15:05
JVLJOHN-All stops15:20
JVLWELL-All stops15:35
JVLJOHN-All stops15:50
JVLWELL-All stops16:05
JVLJOHN-All stops16:05
JVLWELL-All stops16:20
JVLJOHN-All stops16:20
JVLWELL-All stops16:35
JVLJOHN-All stops16:35
JVLWELL-All stops16:50
JVLJOHN-All stops16:50
JVLWELL-All stops17:05
JVLJOHN-All stops17:05
JVLWELL-All stops17:20
JVLJOHN-All stops17:20
JVLWELL-All stops17:35
JVLJOHN-All stops17:35
JVLWELL-All stops17:50
JVLJOHN-All stops17:50
JVLWELL-All stops18:05
JVLJOHN-All stops18:05
JVLWELL-All stops18:20
JVLJOHN-All stops18:20
JVLWELL-All stops18:35
JVLJOHN-All stops18:35
JVLWELL-All stops18:50
JVLJOHN-All stops18:50
JVLWELL-All stops19:05
JVLJOHN-All stops19:20
JVLWELL-All stops19:35
JVLJOHN-All stops19:50
JVLWELL-All stops20:05
JVLJOHN-All stops20:20
JVLWELL-All stops20:35
JVLJOHN-All stops20:50
JVLWELL-All stops21:05
JVLJOHN-All stops21:20
JVLWELL-All stops21:35
JVLJOHN-All stops22:20
JVLWELL-All stops22:35
JVLJOHN-All stops23:20
JVLWELL-All stops23:35
JVLJOHN-All stops05:50
JVLWELL-All stops06:05
JVLJOHN-All stops06:20
JVLWELL-All stops06:35
JVLJOHN-All stops06:35
JVLWELL-All stops06:50
JVLJOHN-All stops06:50
JVLWELL-All stops07:05
JVLJOHN-All stops07:05
JVLWELL-All stops07:20
JVLJOHN-All stops07:20
JVLWELL-All stops07:35
JVLJOHN-All stops07:35
JVLWELL-All stops07:50
JVLJOHN-All stops07:50
JVLWELL-All stops08:05
JVLJOHN-All stops08:05
JVLWELL-All stops08:20
JVLJOHN-All stops08:20
JVLWELL-All stops08:35
JVLJOHN-All stops08:35
JVLWELL-All stops08:50
JVLJOHN-All stops08:50
JVLWELL-All stops09:05
JVLJOHN-All stops09:20
JVLWELL-All stops09:35
JVLJOHN-All stops09:50
JVLWELL-All stops10:05
JVLJOHN-All stops10:20
JVLWELL-All stops10:35
JVLJOHN-All stops10:50
JVLWELL-All stops11:05
JVLJOHN-All stops11:20
JVLWELL-All stops11:35
JVLJOHN-All stops11:50
JVLWELL-All stops12:05
JVLJOHN-All stops12:20
JVLWELL-All stops12:35
JVLJOHN-All stops12:50
JVLWELL-All stops13:05

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09:14 17 January 2022

Buses replace some daytime services - Monday 17 to Thursday 20 January

Please allow extra time for travel.

Valid from 09:30, Monday 17 January to 14:29, Thursday 20 January

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