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KPLWELL-All stops05:39
KPLWELL-All stops06:09
KPLWAIK-All stops06:13
KPLWELL-All stops06:22
KPLWELL-Non stop06:39
KPLWAIK-All stops06:41
KPLWELL-All stops06:54
KPLWELL-Non stop07:07
KPLWELL-All stops07:11
KPLWAIK-All stops07:11
KPLWELL-All stops07:18
KPLWELL-Non stop07:25
KPLWELL-All stops07:29
KPLWAIK-All stops07:31
KPLWELL-Non stop07:37
KPLWELL-All stops07:42
KPLWELL-All stops07:46
KPLWAIK-All stops07:52
KPLWELL-Non stop07:57
KPLWELL-All stops08:05
KPLWELL-Non stop08:17
KPLWAIK-All stops08:19
KPLWELL-All stops08:25
KPLWAIK-All stops08:34
KPLWELL-Non stop08:37
KPLWELL-All stops08:45
KPLWAIK-All stops08:54
KPLWELL-All stops09:04
KPLWAIK-All stops09:14
KPLWELL-All stops09:24
KPLWAIK-All stops09:34
KPLWELL-All stops09:44
KPLWAIK-All stops09:54
KPLWELL-All stops09:59
KPLWAIK-All stops10:14
KPLWELL-All stops10:19
KPLWAIK-All stops10:34
KPLWELL-All stops10:39
KPLWAIK-All stops10:54
KPLWELL-All stops10:59
KPLWAIK-All stops11:14
KPLWELL-All stops11:19
KPLWAIK-All stops11:34
KPLWELL-All stops11:39
KPLWAIK-All stops11:54
KPLWELL-All stops11:59
KPLWAIK-All stops12:14
KPLWELL-All stops12:19
KPLWAIK-All stops12:34
KPLWELL-All stops12:39
KPLWAIK-All stops12:54
KPLWELL-All stops12:59
KPLWAIK-All stops13:14
KPLWELL-All stops13:19
KPLWAIK-All stops13:34
KPLWELL-All stops13:39
KPLWAIK-All stops13:54
KPLWELL-All stops13:59
KPLWAIK-All stops14:14
KPLWELL-All stops14:19
KPLWAIK-All stops14:34
KPLWELL-All stops14:39
KPLWAIK-All stops14:54
KPLWELL-All stops14:59
KPLWAIK-All stops15:14
KPLWELL-All stops15:19
KPLWELL-All stops15:28
KPLWAIK-All stops15:34
KPLWELL-All stops15:41
KPLWAIK-All stops15:52
KPLWELL-All stops15:59
KPLWAIK-All stops16:12
KPLWELL-All stops16:21
KPLWELL-All stops16:27
KPLWAIK-All stops16:32
KPLWELL-All stops16:44
KPLWAIK-All stops16:52
KPLWELL-All stops16:59
KPLWAIK-All stops17:12
KPLWELL-All stops17:19
KPLWAIK-All stops17:35
KPLWELL-All stops17:39
KPLWAIK-All stops17:52
KPLWELL-All stops17:59
KPLWAIK-All stops18:12
KPLWELL-All stops18:20
KPLWELL-All stops18:28
KPLWAIK-All stops18:35
KPLWELL-All stops18:44
KPLWAIK-All stops19:05
KPLWELL-All stops19:20
KPLWAIK-All stops19:35
KPLWELL-All stops19:39
KPLWAIK-All stops20:05
KPLWELL-All stops20:09
KPLWAIK-All stops20:35
KPLWELL-All stops20:39
KPLWAIK-All stops21:05
KPLWAIK-All stops21:35
KPLWELL-All stops21:39
KPLWAIK-All stops22:05
KPLWAIK-All stops22:35
KPLWELL-All stops22:39
KPLWAIK-All stops23:05
KPLWAIK-All stops23:35
KPLWELL-All stops23:39

Relevant alerts for stop Porirua Station

08:01 3 December 2021

Wellington Region at Orange. Metlink bus, train and harbour ferry running regular timetables.

If you’re unwell, please stay home. Ensure you wear a face covering, track your journey and please be kind.

Valid from 00:00, Friday 3 December to 23:59, Wednesday 16 March

More information

14:01 1 December 2021

Buses replace some daytime services for a rail union meeting - Wednesday 8 December.

Buses replace some daytime services on all lines on Wednesday 8 December from approximately 9am to 3pm. This is to allow staff to attend a rail union meeting. Please allow extra time for travel.

Valid from 00:00, Wednesday 8 December to 16:00, Wednesday 8 December

More information

13:12 1 December 2021

Buses replace some evening services between Wellington and Waikanae - Monday 6 to Wednesday 8 December

Please allow extra time for travel.

Valid from 20:15, Monday 6 December to 23:59, Monday 6 December

More information

15:31 16 November 2021

Plimmerton Station: Park & Ride partially closed during construction. Temporary carpark available on Douglass Close.

Buses replacing trains continue to use Plimmerton Station Carpark.

Valid from 09:22, Wednesday 10 November to 12:22, Monday 28 February

11:52 10 November 2021

Christmas and New Year timetable is out now – with FREE travel for buses and trains on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve.

Visit for more information.

Valid from 00:00, Saturday 25 December to 23:59, Sunday 9 January

More information

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