Stop 7910: Taranaki Street at Courtenay Place (near 72)

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Last updated at 20:43:41, Wednesday January 19

3Wgtn Station20:593m early12 mins
27Wgtn Station21:03
21Courtenay Pl21:243m early36 mins
3Wgtn Station21:293m early42 mins
27Wgtn Station21:54
3Wgtn Station21:593m early72 mins
3Wgtn Station22:24
21Courtenay Pl22:24
3Wgtn Station22:54
27Wgtn Station22:54
21Courtenay Pl23:24
3Wgtn Station23:24
3Wgtn Station23:54
3Wgtn Station06:21
3Wgtn Station06:38
21Courtenay Pl06:44
3Wgtn Station06:58
3Wgtn Station07:08
21Courtenay Pl07:14
27Wgtn Station07:17
3Wgtn Station07:18
3Wgtn Station07:27
3Wgtn Station07:35
3Wgtn Station07:43
27Wgtn Station07:47
21Courtenay Pl07:48
3Wgtn Station07:49
3Wgtn Station07:56
3Wgtn Station08:03
3Wgtn Station08:12
21Courtenay Pl08:14
3Wgtn Station08:20
27Wgtn Station08:22
3Wgtn Station08:27
21Courtenay Pl08:34
3Wgtn Station08:37
27Wgtn Station08:45
3Wgtn Station08:47
21Courtenay Pl08:55
3Wgtn Station08:57
3Wgtn Station09:07
21Courtenay Pl09:10
27Wgtn Station09:12
3Wgtn Station09:17
3Wgtn Station09:22
21Courtenay Pl09:29
3Wgtn Station09:32
27Wgtn Station09:38
3Wgtn Station09:42
21Courtenay Pl09:44
3Wgtn Station09:52
21Courtenay Pl09:57
3Wgtn Station10:02
27Wgtn Station10:08
3Wgtn Station10:12
21Courtenay Pl10:14
3Wgtn Station10:22
21Courtenay Pl10:27
3Wgtn Station10:32
27Wgtn Station10:38
3Wgtn Station10:42
21Courtenay Pl10:44
3Wgtn Station10:52
21Courtenay Pl10:57
3Wgtn Station11:02
3Wgtn Station11:12
21Courtenay Pl11:14
3Wgtn Station11:22
21Courtenay Pl11:27
3Wgtn Station11:32
27Wgtn Station11:38
3Wgtn Station11:42
21Courtenay Pl11:44
3Wgtn Station11:52
21Courtenay Pl11:57
3Wgtn Station12:02
3Wgtn Station12:12
21Courtenay Pl12:14
3Wgtn Station12:22
21Courtenay Pl12:27
3Wgtn Station12:32
27Wgtn Station12:38
3Wgtn Station12:42
21Courtenay Pl12:44
3Wgtn Station12:52
21Courtenay Pl12:57
3Wgtn Station13:02
3Wgtn Station13:12
21Courtenay Pl13:14
3Wgtn Station13:22
21Courtenay Pl13:27
3Wgtn Station13:32
27Wgtn Station13:40
3Wgtn Station13:42
21Courtenay Pl13:44
3Wgtn Station13:52
21Courtenay Pl13:57
3Wgtn Station14:02
3Wgtn Station14:12
21Courtenay Pl14:14

Relevant alerts for stop Taranaki Street at Courtenay Place (near 72)

18:54 19 January 2022

8:08pm from Wellington Station to Kingston is cancelled.

Valid from 18:54, Wednesday 19 January to 21:54, Wednesday 19 January

08:46 19 January 2022

Kelburn: Upland Road buses will not detour for roadworks, but expect delays - 7am to 7pm, Tuesday 18 to Thursday 20 January

All Bus Stops remain open during the roadworks, however please do signal the driver due to the changing environment.

Valid from 08:41, Tuesday 18 January to 19:00, Thursday 20 January

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