Stop 5516: Courtenay Place - Stop C

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Last updated at 17:17:09, Wednesday December 8

32xHoughton Bay17:17On time1 mins
1Island Bay17:108m late1 mins
36Lyall Bay17:19On time2 mins
24Miramar Hgts17:18On time2 mins
30xMoa Point17:137m late3 mins
1Island Bay17:22On time4 mins
2Seatoun17:193m late5 mins
32xHoughton Bay17:273m early6 mins
14Kilbirnie17:24On time6 mins
23Houghton Bay17:24On time6 mins
30xScorching Bay17:28On time10 mins
2Miramar17:27On time11 mins
31xMiramar North17:262m late11 mins
20MtVic Lookout17:30On time12 mins
35Hataitai17:30On time12 mins
24Miramar Hgts17:33On time15 mins
1Island Bay17:34On time16 mins
2Seatoun17:34On time16 mins
12eStrathmore Pk17:36
29Southgate17:37On time19 mins
32xHoughton Bay17:37
14Kilbirnie17:37On time19 mins
30xMoa Point17:38
36Lyall Bay17:39On time21 mins
32xHoughton Bay17:464m early24 mins
1Island Bay17:42On time24 mins
2Miramar17:42On time24 mins
30xScorching Bay17:43
23Houghton Bay17:44On time26 mins
12Strathmore Pk17:45On time27 mins
35Hataitai17:46On time28 mins
31xMiramar North17:46On time28 mins
24Miramar Hgts17:48Cancelled
2Seatoun17:49On time31 mins
14Kilbirnie17:52On time34 mins
1Island Bay17:52
30xMoa Point17:53
32xHoughton Bay18:015m early38 mins
2Miramar17:57On time39 mins
23Houghton Bay17:59
36Lyall Bay17:59On time41 mins
1Island Bay18:00On time42 mins
24Miramar Hgts18:00On time42 mins
20MtVic Lookout18:00On time42 mins
2Seatoun18:04On time46 mins
14Kilbirnie18:04On time46 mins
31xMiramar North18:04On time46 mins
12eStrathmore Pk18:05On time47 mins
29Brooklyn18:05On time47 mins
32xHoughton Bay18:154m early53 mins
2Miramar18:12On time54 mins
1Island Bay18:13On time55 mins
12Strathmore Pk18:15
23Houghton Bay18:18
2Seatoun18:19On time61 mins
36Lyall Bay18:19
14Kilbirnie18:19On time61 mins
1Island Bay18:21
30xScorching Bay18:23
31xMiramar North18:24
2Miramar18:27On time69 mins
24Miramar Hgts18:30On time72 mins
1Island Bay18:31On time73 mins
29Southgate18:33On time75 mins
2Seatoun18:34On time76 mins
14Kilbirnie18:34On time76 mins
12eStrathmore Pk18:37On time79 mins
36Lyall Bay18:39
1Island Bay18:40On time82 mins
32xHoughton Bay18:443m early83 mins
2Miramar18:42On time84 mins
31xMiramar North18:44
23Houghton Bay18:46
2Seatoun18:47On time89 mins
1Island Bay18:48On time90 mins
12Strathmore Pk18:50
30xMoa Point18:53On time95 mins
24Miramar Hgts18:56On time98 mins
36Lyall Bay18:59On time101 mins

Relevant alerts for stop Courtenay Place - Stop C

17:08 8 December 2021

5:34pm Wellington Station to Miramar Shops is cancelled.

Valid from 17:08, Wednesday 8 December to 20:08, Wednesday 8 December

17:04 8 December 2021

Roseneath: The Crescent bus detour during roadworks - 9am to 3pm, Thursday 9, Friday 10, Monday 13 and Tuesday 14 December.

Route 14 buses towards Wellington/Wilton detour via Grafton Road. Bus stops on The Crescent are closed. Use temporary stop at 11 Grafton Rd, stop 7526 Grafton Road (near 102) or stop 7521 Roseneath Shops (opposite).

Valid from 15:49, Wednesday 8 December to 15:00, Thursday 9 December

More information

08:01 3 December 2021

Wellington Region at Orange. Metlink bus, train and harbour ferry running regular timetables.

If you’re unwell, please stay home. Ensure you wear a face covering, track your journey and please be kind.

Valid from 00:00, Friday 3 December to 23:59, Wednesday 16 March

More information

11:52 10 November 2021

Christmas and New Year timetable is out now – with FREE travel for buses and trains on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve.

Visit for more information.

Valid from 00:00, Saturday 25 December to 23:59, Sunday 9 January

More information

10:11 18 October 2021

Cashless on express routes trial from 11 July

To get you where you need to be as quickly as we can, we’re running a pilot of cashless peak Express services from 11 July. Only payment using a Snapper Card will be accepted. All non-express services will still take cash.

Valid from 00:00, Sunday 11 July to 23:59, Tuesday 11 January

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